At Tiny Zoo, everything we do, we do with the environment and our community in mind.

From our core business operating “paperless” to reducing our footprint in the key areas of waste, energy and travel, we are committed to a sustainable future. Even the little things, like using cloths and proper plates and cups in our catering, to our toilet paper, to the big things, like the recent installation of 34 solar panels at Tiny Zoo HQ, we are doing our best to have a positive impact and to encourage others to do the same.

In our community, we are strong supporters of the Sapphire Community Pantry which is a local charity and social enterprise whose purpose is to relieve poverty, food insecurity and social isolation in vulnerable groups. They are open to everyone who is doing it tough. Every year, Tiny Zoo makes a significant financial contribution to help them with their very important work in our local community.

We also provide support to local projects and events through pro-bono work and sponsorship arrangements.