Our Goal

Our goal is the conservation of Australian animals and we connect people with nature in a way that allows you to get Up-close and personal in a unique hands-on experience.

Tiny Zoo is a licensed facility by the NSW state government. While you cannot visit our private facility (Tiny Zoo HQ), our ‘Zoo on Wheels’ will connect you with some

incredible animals at your preschool, school, aged care, family daycare, business, tourist accommodation or corporate/community event as part of our education and conservation program.

Ask for quote on our ‘Booking Enquiry’ page to bring our Tiny Zoo to your place. Don’t forget to join our Mailing List to stay in touch with the latest offers and news.

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Central Bearded Dragon

Green Tree Frog

Spinifex Hopping Mice

Goliath Stick Insect

Stimson’s Python

Tawny Frogmouth